I’m grateful to have a brother-in-law who feels more like my real brother. Yesterday was one of our impromptu Idaho days where one of us texts the night before and say “Watcha doin’ tomorrow?” I’m always excited for these because very little planning goes into it, we just come up with an idea and go. Yesterday we headed out to the Owyhee Mountains with our bikes and spent the day riding some trails we hadn’t been on before. It was cold, grey and simply epic. The riding was spectacular and we didn’t see a soul the entire day. Ben’s lived in Idaho his entire life. I had already lived in a handful of large cities when we first met and I remember occasionally asking him (long before Pam and I moved here), if he ever thought about living anywhere else. He’d always respond with “why would I want to live anywhere else?” I didn’t get it then, but I sure do now Ben.

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