My “go to” lens is a 16-35mm (I probably shoot with it 75% of the time). I love wide open spaces and there’s nothing like a big ol’ wide-angle to capture them. Lately though, I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut with my photography and decided to force myself to look through the lens differently. I love road trips and always have my camera with me. I had a long drive back from spring break in Wyoming yesterday and stopping to photograph the breathtaking landscape is my favorite way to keep my legs and mind fresh. It was a beautiful spring day with fresh powder on all the peaks. I decided to leave the 16-35 in my backpack and only shoot with a long lens. Wow did it feel different. I’ve taken photographs on this drive many times but the long lens made it seem like I was seeing it for the first time. It would have been impossible to create an image like this with a wide lens. Using a 100mm lens gives scale to the mountains in the background which were many miles away, essentially “compressing” the image. Had I taken the same shot with a wide angle, the frame would be filled with desert and the mountains would appear much smaller. The combination of long lens and camera-to-subject distance gives the impression that the background has pulled in closer to the subject. I’m going to start forcing myself to shoot with different lenses more often. 16-35 is always going to be my first love, but a bigger lens was a fun way to break out of a creative rut.

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