I always enjoy learning how photographers create unique images so I thought I’d share how I captured this one.
First, an image like this would have been impossible to capture using a phone. I was just too far away. For action photography, I use a @sonyalpha a6000. it’s a very small and relatively inexpensive mirrorless camera and I almost always use the tiny16/50 kit lens it came with. Whenever I have a backpack on, it stays clipped on my shoulder harness using a @peakdesign Capture Clip (an incredibly well-designed tool) so it’s easy to access quickly.
I was coming down our trails and saw the opportunity developing but had to move fast. I’m always on the lookout for things to sillouette against a setting sun and saw this biker ripping down another trail. I hurried to a spot where he’d line up with the sun and grabbed my camera. Since I was a couple of hundred yards above him on a ridge, I zoomed in fully (because the sensor has a 1.5 crop factor, the maximum zoom is equivalent to 75mm on a full-frame camera) so I could make out the biker. I quickly changed my camera settings (1/250, f16, ISO 100) and braced my elbows on my bike handles to reduce camera shake (higher when you’re fully zoomed) and waited for him to pass through just the right spot.
Only through lots of practice and crappy results could I have anticipated this developing, moved to the right spot and changed my settings quickly enough to catch it.

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