I enjoyed dinner with the boards of two companies I’m involved with in different cities this week. Both nights we played a game where one person asks a question and you go around the table answering it, then the next person ask a question. For example; I asked “what’s the most memorable outdoor experience you’ve ever had?” Other questions included; “best concert you ever saw,” “earliest childhood memory”, “favorite place you’ve ever visited”, “most impactful book you’ve read,” “most embarrassed you’ve ever been,” and more.
It’s a great exercise for stimulating conversation in larger dinner groups (we had 10 & 7) which keep everyone engaged instead of a handful of smaller conversations.
The most interesting question for me was asked by my friend @egradman2bc – “what’s the most interesting behavioral changes you’ve personally witnessed in people over the last two years?” As you can imagine, a fascinating discussion followed, with a range of emotions touched. I think we all left with new thoughts to think. People are amazing.

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