First and foremost, I encourage you to view this site from a computer, not a phone. I’m fully aware that’s it’s somewhat limiting and likely not the best strategy for engagement these days, but I designed it in this manner to create what I believe will be the best viewing experience, not to maximize audience.

Why “To Ride Is To Think?” Well, for the better part of a decade, this site was titled “To Write Is To Think” which was based on that notion taught to me by a mentor when I was embarking on my investment career. Over the years I’ve discovered that I actually experience my deepest thought when I’m riding my bike or running in our trail system in the mountains overlooking Boise. It’s the only time I really get each day for creative thinking and I’ve come to both crave & cherish it not just for physical rewards, but for my mental health as well. It’s a rare day that I’m home here in Boise when I don’t spend some time up on our trails.

I‘m part of a truly remarkable group of human beings at Techstars where  we’re empowering entrepreneurs worldwide with the resources to build successful businesses wherever they want to live. I’ve be around fast-growing businesses for more than a quarter century now and I’ve never seen or been part of such a wonderfully unique, mission-drive organization.

Prior to Techstars, I was proud to have helped build Highway 12 Ventures, a special venture capital firm which focused on investing in early-stage startups in the mountain west. I’ve now lived in Boise, Idaho longer than anywhere else in my life. I cherish so many things about this small charming town; none more so than running, biking, kayaking and skiing in our beautiful mountains and rivers.

I’m in awe of the entrepreneurs that I get to work with every day. I’ve been fortunate during my career to have had the opportunity to work with some of the most driven and creative people in the world. To be included in that small part of the universe has been both enlightening and incredibly rewarding for me.

I didn’t discover my love of photography until I was 45 when I took a sabbatical and spent three months with my family in S.E. Asia and Africa working on volunteer projects in rural communities. It remains the most powerful and impactful experience of our lives and I felt great satisfaction in capturing so many powerful images from the trip. Since then, it’s been a great deal of fun to discover this creative outlet to express myself and I’ll always be grateful to my friend Chris for helping me find my eye, as well as my voice.

I’m married to Pam, a fourth generation Idahoan. Our community is lucky that she devotes so much of herself working to improve the quality of education in Boise, contributing to various non-profit organizations in that vein. She also outdoes me on our trails. She will never know the depth of inspiration I draw from her.

We feel lucky that we get to be the parents of two beautiful human beings who appear ready to contribute to society as adults. The names of all the pets we’ve had together are related to the Grateful Dead, most recently our beloved Ruby. My ’86 CJ7 along with my skis, kayak, and mountain bike are the only possessions I really give a damn about and our garage is overflowing with outdoor gear. This makes me happy.

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Inside Thoughts: My blog. I can’t promise that you’ll agree are even appreciate what I write here, only that I’ve taken a little bit of time to consider whatever I write.

People: By far, the most rewarding (and humbling) part of my job is being able to meet and work with so many truly remarkable humans. Here’s where I try and pay tribute to them.

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