Last week, I was having a crappy day and debated heading out on the trails after work like I do most days. It was cold, grey & raining and I wasn’t in a very good mood.
I’ve learned over the years though that no matter the weather, once I get up there and get the motor pumping, my day brightens and I regain my balance.
On this particular afternoon, it didn’t seem to be happening. It got darker, colder and wetter. I was on a trail with no sight of the valley for a while and just grinding away. I finally reached the top of the ridge and this view revealed itself to me.
I sat in the tall grass by myself and watched the scene unfold as I lost track of time. Beams of light pierced the clouds as silvers, blues & golds played across the valley floor and I was treated to one of the best light shows of the year. It was truly magical. It wasn’t long before I forgot what I was grumpy about.
The clouds eventually won their battle with the sun. I got up and started home; cold & wet but with an ear-to-ear grin and yet another reminder of the importance of being outdoors as it relates to both my physical and mental health.

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