Culture Starts At The Top

A few days ago, there was an article in the Colorado Sun describing how Techstars‘ “Give First” mantra has permeated the local ecosystem and has gone on to make its way into [...]

Connecting The Dots

This post is a little longer than my usual paragraph or two so bear with me. It meanders a bit but finishes where it starts, a continuum if you will. Ever since first seeing Steve Jobs’ [...]

It’s Not Worth It

Three times in my career, I’ve had firsthand experiences with CEOs who behaved badly. I’m not talking about poor judgment as it relates to business decisions; but actions that were [...]


Saw this meme emerging on Twitter the other day: #TriggerA(fill in a group)in2Words I’ve been pretty good about keeping a positive attitude for a while now about the current state of our [...]

Four Questions

Over President’s weekend, I spent 4 days with friends and family deep in the backcountry at an AIARE I Avalanche safety course with our friends at Payette Powder Guides. Split between [...]

What Does Your Company Stand For?

Yvon Chouinard’s been my business hero for as long as I can remember. Let My People Go Surfing is one of my favorite books of all time (not favorite “business” books, but [...]

The Future Of Tattoos

Years ago, I was interviewing Alex Iskold for the Managing Director position of our Techstars NYC program. We had a great visit and towards the end he asked me “What’s one particular [...]

Trying Twitter Again

Twitter. I suspect most people engaged on the platform these days have either A) developed a love-hate relationship with it B) have carefully curated their streams or C) are somewhat masochistic. [...]

The Global Startup Community Marches On

Last week Ryan Broshar and I were in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam visiting the Inspectorio team (graduate of our Techstars Retail Accelerator in partnership with Target where Ryan is the Managing [...]