It’s Not Worth It

Three times in my career, I’ve had firsthand experiences with CEOs who behaved badly. I’m not talking about poor judgment as it relates to business decisions; but actions that were [...]

Four Questions

Over President’s weekend, I spent 4 days with friends and family deep in the backcountry at an AIARE I Avalanche safety course with our friends at Payette Powder Guides. Split between [...]

Eli Dawson

If you talk to experienced early-stage investors, most would list their spidey sense as one (if not the most important) in their quiver of tools. Thirty minutes into my first meeting with Eli, [...]

What Does Your Company Stand For?

Yvon Chouinard’s been my business hero for as long as I can remember. Let My People Go Surfing is one of my favorite books of all time (not favorite “business” books, but [...]

The Future Of Tattoos

Years ago, I was interviewing Alex Iskold for the Managing Director position of our Techstars NYC program. We had a great visit and towards the end he asked me “What’s one particular [...]

The Global Startup Community Marches On

Last week Ryan Broshar and I were in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam visiting the Inspectorio team (graduate of our Techstars Retail Accelerator in partnership with Target where Ryan is the Managing [...]

The Tao of Brad

Last week I was on a long mountain bike ride and wound up spending a few hours grinding away on a particular difficult situation one of the CEOs I work with was going through, when some advice [...]