Eli Dawson

If you talk to experienced early-stage investors, most would list their spidey sense as one (if not the most important) in their quiver of tools. Thirty minutes into my first meeting with Eli, mine was on full alert.

Eli’s simply a blast to hang out with. He’s a razor-sharp sports savant with an ever-present smile (which he’s parlayed into friendships with the biggest names in sports – “I’ll call you back Mark, that’s David Stern on the other line”). Behind that he’s a learning machine and a maniacally detail-oriented operator when it comes to building a business.

Eli and his cofounder Adam have been been best friends since grade school. At Statmuse, they’ve assembled one of the highest functioning engineering cultures I’ve ever encountered and they’re building the most sophisticated voice/AI platforms in the world of sports.

What I love most about Eli though is that he’s still just a kid (with a basketball under his arm) at heart. Our dinners always evolve into lengthy ramblings arguing over the best player/game/team that all sports fans enjoy and we’ve built a deep friendship that transcends our business relationship.

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