Going on an adventure doesn’t have to mean weeks of planning and a duffel full of gear. I was in LA for work last week and over dinner with friends one night decided on a whim to drive out to Joshua Tree National Park after work the next day. My pal @justingilanyi said he’d go with me and after work we jumped in a car and got out there just in time to witness of those magical desert sunsets. As we watched the sun dip below the horizon, we turned around with amazement to see this stunning full moon rising right behind us. We wound up hiking around the desert under a moon so bright we didn’t even need a headlamp (something I always have with me). It was a totally magical night. We finally cowboy camped for a few hours and awoke to one of those purple sunrises that stays with you all day. While we were only out there for a dozen hours, it felt like a midweek vacation and completely recharged my batteries.

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