Making The World A Better Place, One Startup At A Time

When you’re building a business, you tend to be so heads-down in the weeds that you forget to look up once in a while and see how much progress you’re making. That happens to us here at Techstars too, though I’ve noticed a trend lately though that has me incredibly excited about the work we’re doing. Just in the last few months, we’ve announced four new accelerator programs, each of which I’m confident will help foster new important companies that will have a great impact on humanity. Of course, we’ve been doing that for years through our various programs which have produced dozens of high-impact companies. Companies like Remitly that are making it easier for immigrants in the US, UK & Canada to send money home to loved ones faster, easier, more transparent and less costly than traditional means. Companies like Zipline which operate the world’s only drone delivery system at national scale to send urgent medicines, such as blood and animal vaccines, to those in need, no matter where they live. Or companies like Freight Farms which is empowering individuals and organizations with the physical and digital solutions needed to supply their communities with fresh produce year-round, in all climate conditions.

Back in September, we announced the Techstars Energy Accelerator in Partnership with Statoil (which will run in Oslo, our first foray into the Nordics) which will focus on companies developing potentially transformative technologies and business models across the energy sector to improve safety, security, capital efficiency, operational performance and sustainability. Shortly thereafter was the Techstars Impact Accelerator (Austin, TX), our first program backing for-profit, mission-driven founders building technologies to solve our most pressing social and environmental problems. The in November we announced the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in Partnership with The Nature Conservancy (Denver, CO) which will work with founders developing commercially viable technologies that can rapidly scale to help sustainably provide food and water and address global issues like climate change. Finally in December we unveiled the Techstars Farm To Fork Accelerator (Minneapolis, MN) where we’ll be working with entrepreneurs across the entire food value chain, from AgTech, manufacturing and supply chains, to food safety, waste reduction and traceability. All four of these exciting new programs will be engaged with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world who are working on solutions to create a positive impact on humanity.

So yeah, it’s nice to peek above the tree line and see the impact we’re making. Close to 1200 Techstars companies out in the world now (from dozens and dozens of countries) which have raised close to $4.5 billion in capital. Now it’s time to go back to work, making the world a better place; one startup at a time.

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  • Kevin Jernigan

    Awesome. Way to go Techstars.

  • Nick Smoot

    Doing good and doing well. You and your partners are a great example for me. Thanks for being awesome!

    • Mark Solon

      Right back at ya pal. IC hot on the trail.

  • Doris Solon

    So proud of the good work you
    are doing.

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