March For Innovation

All four of my grandparents passed through Ellis Island, met their spouses and established life in America in the early 1900’s. If it wasn’t for the welcoming arms of the US, I wouldn’t be here today. We are a nation of immigrants.

Today I’m joining with thousands of tech leaders, politicians from both parties, celebrities, and organizations in a massive, two-day virtual march on Washington. Our message: seize the moment and pass immigration reform.

Click here to join me in the virtual march. Tweet, Facebook, or call your Senators now.

We’re marching because our immigration system should be fostering innovation — keeping and attracting the best and brightest here in the United States. And we’re doing it because we need a fair system that lets honest, hard-working immigrants emerge from the shadows of a broken system.

America is losing the global race for talent. Countries around the world are recruiting the best and brightest and supporting new innovations and companies. We won’t even give these innovators a visa. It’s unfair and it’s hurting our economy.

We now have a chance for meaningful immigration reform and we need your help to push Congress to action.

Click here to tell your Senator to seize the moment and pass immigration reform.

Our two-day virtual march will activate thousands of supporters and will hold interactive events with leaders and celebrities to show just how important immigration reform is. You can find out more and participate at We’d love to have your voice in the conversation.

Together, we can pass this.

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