The wind in Torres Del Paine is the stuff of legends; known to reach up to 100+ mph and lift hikers off their feet! (there were times we could literally lean into the wind without falling). The park lies at a latitude of 51°C, placing it right in between the notorious zones known as the Roaring Forties and the Furious Fifties. These areas are known for their violent Westerly gales. These winds swirl across the southern hemisphere from west to east with very few land masses to slow them down until they hit these mountains. It’s surreal to watch the weather fronts and banks of cloud driven across the sky so fast that it feels like you’re watching time lapse in real time. If there’s one thing you learn there, it’s how to layer. By the time you’ve gotten your jacket out of your backpack and put it on, it’s often time to take it off again!

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