Zoe Schlag

I get to know some of the most amazing people working here at Techstars. While a lot of folks know Zoe as the Managing Director of our new Impact Accelerator, not as many are aware of the inspiring journey she traveled before landing here. When a torn ACL in high school dashed her collegiate soccer dreams, instead of feeling sorry for herself, Zoe headed to Brazil to work for an organization that helps take care of children in favelas (squatter settlements). That experience changed her forever and led her to places like Guatemala, Bolivia, Chile , Mumbai and many other developing countries where her life’s work helping others was forged. She went on to lead an incredible organization in Austin called unLTD USA which had the mission to find and back the most promising entrepreneurs tackling pressing social and environmental problems. Now she’s doing the same thing on a global scale here at Techstars. Just as impressive to me though is that Zoe’s a prolific backpacker & outdoorswoman and has a profound love of the the wilderness.

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